Testimonials & Reviews

Client Testimonials & Reviews for Kaleidoscope Holistic Coaching.

I have really enjoyed and benefited from working with Mandy over the last few months.

Our paths crossed at a time when I was struggling with a lot of issues and she has introduced me to EFT and it benefits. She guided me through how and when to use it, helping me learn how to tap, the reasons behind it and showed me how to compose a script and introduced me to appropriate phases to use.

With Mandy’s help, EFT is now helping me to let go of a lot of negativity that I have carried around for a long time and to approach stressful situations in a more calm and positive way.

Mandy has encouraged me along my journey. She is a great listener, someone who does actually hear what you are saying, she is able to give advice and support in a professional and objective but caring and understanding way.

Thanks to her, I am now able to use EFT on pretty much a daily basis, for so many varied reasons.

It has genuinely helped me, not only through a difficult time, but to be able to move on and I now feel like I have a great “tool” to help me live more positively.

Mandy introduced me to EFT a few weeks ago and after just one guided session with her I noticed significant improvements in my anxiety levels. I had also been self critical of my abilities as a mother and also after one session I changed from being negative towards myself to being able to see more positive traits. I have continued my EFT journey with the techniques Mandy so patiently taught me and am enjoying recognising a different, calmer, more reasonable me! Mandy is such an easy person to be relaxed with and as she is so non judgmental and gently encouraging I felt I was able to be open and honest with her. At the start of my first session with Mandy I definitely felt anxious and nervous, but with Mandy’s understanding and patience during the session, I ended the time with her positive and energised. Thank- you Mandy – I am so glad too have had the opportunity to spend time with you and would encourage anyone experiencing low mood to spend time with you and see positive results on their own feelings and confidence.

Thanks so much Mandy – I wish you well and lots of success. I wish you were a bit closer to me, (or me to you!), I would love to have been able to spend more time with you 🙂 xxx